Saying 'NO' Isn't Always Easy, But It's Always Allowed

Peer pressure is common today, and it is also one of the most common reasons why people feel it is such a hard task to tell others “no.”


Another reason it may seem to be such a difficult task to say “no” is that there is no clear cue for an answer, whether it be verbally or physically communicated. One more reason why the word “no” can be difficult to say is when someone does not take that “no” for an answer.


Saying no and meaning it is a right that every person has, and it should be respected. No individual should be taken advantage of or trapped into a situation because of the lack of opportunity to voice their own decisions, and no individual should feel that they do not have a voice to say “no.”


An individual should never feel like they are unable to make decisions for theirself, either.


As days continue to change, more accusations have arose against individuals within the political system and in other areas in society that are high-profile. These accusations have brought light upon issues where a individuals right to say “no” has been violated or that they have been taken advantage of by being made to feel as if they did not have “no” as an option to get out of what was occurring.


Due to the recent occurrences, young men and women and all other ages around should know that no matter the circumstances or where you are or who is with you, your voice matters, your answer matters and you have the right to answer as you please.


Now is the time to take charge and create a change.


This is the time to say “no” to things you disagree with and do not wish to do. This is the time to make your voice heard and to inspire those who may be scared to speak up to let their voices be heard also.


Be an inspiration to others, express yourself as who you want to be, be proud of who you are and make your decisions be known to those around you.