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At the end of May, I will be going to Santa Ana, California with my mom. If you read my bucket list for my 20’s, you know going on a trip with my mom is on there. I went to San Diego my senior year of high school and I have been in love with California ever since.


California is so modern and trendy, so there is a bunch of things to try. I have decided to share the spots I want to check out with you all.


(Photo courtesy of Eater Dallas)

  • Cauldron Ice Cream

You know how your favorite instagram pages have girls taking pictures with the ice cream shaped liked roses? Well, look no further I found them. Cauldron makes these treats and has a variety of other flavors, all stuffed in those yummy, puffy, waffle cones.

(Photo courtesy of The Dirty Cookie)

  • The Dirty Cookie

Who wants shots? I do, but unfortunately I am not 21, so I will settle for the Dirty Cookie’s milk and cookie shots. They offer a variety of cookie flavors and even flavored milk. I am looking forward to trying the churro flavor.


(Photo courtesy of Orange Coast Magazine)

  • The Loop

Did someone say churros? The Loop makes handmade churros. They come in a variety of flavors and are paired with ice cream. I really want to try the Caramel Pop Loop and the Sprinkle Berry Churro.


(Photo courtesy of California Beaches)

  • Heisler Park

Visit this instagram worthy location. It has cliffs overlooking the beach. Lots of locals hang out here, so you can meet some cool new people. They can also recommend other cool places to hang out too.


(Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed)

  • Arrested Development

You can take a ferry to the island where Arrested Development was filmed. You can even try one of the bananas that the Bluth family is known for at the stand called “Dad’s.”


These are just a few suggestions of things you can do while visiting Santa Ana and Orange County. Whether you are seeking out the latest food trends, taking IG-worthy pictures or just hanging out OC has it all.

My name is Micah Hurt. I am a sophomore Equine major at the University of Kentucky. I am also a Resident Advisor (RA). I love to read, explore Lexington (or anywhere really), and listen to murder mystery podcast!
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