'Roomies' Book Review

Photo by Allison Arterburn


“She sees herself as a supporting character, even in her own life story,” says Uncle Jeff about Holland in Roomies.


Roomies is a rom-com in your head that you can never put down! I have been dying to snag a copy of this novel for a while. I am a bit late to the Roomies game (about two months too late), but it is one of the best contemporary romance novels I have ever read.


Such a fun and charming novel. Holland is a character who I can really relate to. She never really takes risks and has a tendency to be super hard on herself. Something that was kind of hard to read in some cases where I was near tears.   


Roomies starts out as Holland going out of her way to see this busker perform at a subway station, falling for him from afar. Crushes are no fun and sometimes it’s easier to go come up with an elaborate relationship bottled up in your head than actually go up and talk to them. But what exactly happens when the crush Holland has been eyeing from a far the last six months turns into her husband ? A whole lot of awkwardness and a fun story.


The beginning of the novel was a bit slow, but once the plot progresses everything kind of sends you into a spiral of not wanting to leave this world. I actually had a hard time sleeping last night because my mind was reeling from these characters.


Roomies brings to light more than just the romance, but the facts of friendship. What does it really mean to be a friend or grow out of the friends you have? I have never seen this question answered this well. Christina Lauren showcases these actual problems and the issues of growing up every twenty-something goes through in such a real way.


We all are Holland at some point, hell I still am Holland. Trying to find my place as the main character in my story while also being there for loved ones through theirs. I seem to be struggling around the same things she is. The great thing about this novel, it goes deeper into the fact that we do not have to have everything figured out in our twenties. It is okay to not know what our place is yet.


Roomies is a novel filled with surprises, big laugh out loud moments, a few tear jerking scenes and a lot of heart. This novel takes the cake as one of the best contemporary romance novels I have ever read.