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Quilts or Comforters: A Guide Before Purchasing

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As we prepare for next semester’s living arrangements, many of us are searching for a new apartment or dorm as well as all of the needed accessories and furniture. One of the biggest questions to ask is whether to go for a quilt or a comforter on your bed.


Being from the south, I have always preferred a quilt over anything else. However, this past year I bought a comforter and loved it as well. It made me wonder the pros and cons of each.


For starters, while I was searching the internet on this, it seems that a lot of people from more northern areas are not even aware people actually sleep under quilts, and think they are merely for looks in an unused guest bedroom. I am here to put that myth to rest and say that quilts are very much used for actual sleeping.


Comforters will add more of the cozy and warm aspect to a bedroom with its fluffy and bulky aspects, while a quilt will add more of a shabby chic aspect with the traditional stitching and patterns. Quilts are also typically reversible whereas comforters are not.


There is also a myth that comforters are warmer. While they have a ton of cotton, the cotton does move around in them easily, whereas in a quilt, it pretty much stays in its place, making it very warm. While a quilt is thinner, it provides the same if not more warmth. However, with either of these bed covers you will need more than one layer to survive a cold apartment when trying to cut down on the electricity bill.


When it comes down to cleaning, it is much easier to wash a comforter than a quilt. You can just throw that thing in a large washing machine and you are golden, but for a quilt you sometimes have to either wash by hand or have it dry-cleaned depending on if its handmade or machine-made.


Since I realized I have come to love both of these bed covers, I added a homemade quilt between my sheet and comforter for extra warmth, coziness and the homey feel. Both are great options, and I hope this little guide helps you decide which bed cover is right for you.

Taylon is a senior English student student at UK. She is both a Staff Writer and Social Media Director for Her Campus UK. She is involved in College Mentors for Kids as the Vice President of Fundraising, Sigma Tau Delta - English Honors Fraternity, and Robinson Scholars. Her go-to Starbucks drink is an iced cold brew with almond milk and two pumps of white chocolate mocha.
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