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This is the third article of my five part series – Queer Eye DIY.  Today we are going to trash the ramen and start making moves to learning how to cook like the adults we pretend to be.


  • Cooking Economically

Any college student’s worry is about how much something will cost.  This is especially true of food. Yet, we all spend an extravagant amount of money on eating out.


Let’s say the average college student eats out twice a day, spending $5-$8 on each meal.  Over the course of the week, that student is spending $70-$112 a week! Not including that morning cup of coffee and post-class snack.  


Now, my dog and I live and eat very comfortably on a budget of $75 a week.  This includes anything you can get at a grocery store such as all my food, dog food (and she eats almost as enormously as I do), shampoo, toothpaste and the frequent succulent I am coerced into buying.  So stop being lazy and drag yourself to the grocery store once a week.


  • Cooking Healthily

Prepackaged food is cheap and easy, but it is also killing you.  Take this tip to heart (literally), but take it gradually. Everyone wants to eat healthier, but so many people fail because they try to drastically change their lifestyle in one go.  


Replace your potato chips with a bag of carrots. Your juice for an actual, real-life fruit. Take baby steps, all the while striving to be more educated about the food industry to help you continue on your path of becoming healthier.


  • Just Plain Cooking

I constantly hear other college students say that cooking is too hard and that they never learned how to do it.  You know what is harder? Living in 1802 as a newlywed housewife and trying to figure out how long to boil eggs because your mom (your only source of information for this kind of thing) died when you were a kid because of one of the million things we did not have vaccines for because it is 1802.


We have the internet – use it.  You do not know how long to boil those eggs –Google it.  You do not know how to cut a mango? Neither do I, pull up a YouTube video.


Keep these tips in mind to take your cooking skills to the next level.  


The series is almost over!  Check out my article Queer Eye DIY: Grooming next week on Her Campus UK.

"You can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at." -Tina Fey
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