Podcasts: Countless Conversations One Click Away

As I sit here writing this article, I am listening to a hilarious podcast full of conversations surrounding some supernatural happenings at SkinWalker Ranch (if you like supernatural or paranormal things, you should definitely look into this case). Countless interesting conversations like this are available through just one click (no social interaction required). Podcasts are a great alternative to blasting your over-played playlist while trying to finish up some homework. In the past few months, I have discovered a few podcasts that I would turn to in my free time over the Top 50 playlist any day:


  • Last Podcast On The Left

Disclaimer: This podcast contains foul language and sensitive subject matter, so if you are not a fan of that, I would not recommend this specific one.


After stumbling across Buzzfeed Unsolved about two years ago, I realized how interesting true crime and paranormal encounters could be. I am most definitely not alone with Buzzfeed Unsolved having a little over 2.1 million subscribers today. But as a time-crunched college student, I find it hard to find the time to sit down and watch a full-length episode of the show without realizing I have something to do. I needed to find something that still entertained my interests in the unusual subject matter but that was also easy to multitask with; that’s when I found Last Podcast On the Left. The three hosts cover anything from serial killers to UFOs all while giving some great voice work and hilarious commentary on the subject to lighten up the dark subject matter. If you are interested in any kind of subject matter from horror to true crime, I’m sure you can find an episode that interests you out of their 354 episodes so far. You can listen here, iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify and Stitcher!


  • Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

If you are an avid Netflix subscriber, I’m sure you’ve seen Queer Eye or at least heard of it. Queer Eye fans’ favorite groomer Jonathan Van Ness hosts this podcasts in which he explores various subjects that he is curious about ranging anywhere from figure skating to America’s opioid crisis. This is the first podcast I fell in love with simply because of the interesting topics, a thoughtful host, and very knowledgeable experts. As a future journalist, I love learning and telling people’s stories, and that is exactly what Van Ness does here. He explores subjects on such a casual and conversational level, that as a listener, I almost feel as if I am in the studio with them. You can listen to this amazing podcast here, iTunes and Spotify!


  • Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know

With the prominence of Youtube and social media, everyone knows at least conspiracy. There are countless examples of conspiracy theories or unexplained events from spy conspiracies to lost tombs. Similar to that of Last Podcast on the Left, this podcast explores all kinds of dark subjects. As a history fan, I love the detailed background and historical context that the hosts give before diving into the subject. With shorter episodes, it is easy to find an episode you can listen to while grabbing lunch. You can listen here, iTunes, Spotify and iHeart Radio!


  • I Reckon Podcast

Disclaimer: This podcast contains foul language, so if you are not a fan of that, I would not recommend this specific one.


I have recently added this podcast to my arsenal of regular listens. This podcast focuses on my home region in Appalachia, specifically West Virginia, with three progressive women hosting and addressing the issues they face daily from local elections to women’s health. They also aim to feature those who are working to help Appalachia progress forward. This podcast is fairly new, and only has a few episodes so it would be a great opportunity to binge listen! You can listen here or iTunes!


Now that you know some of my top picks, I highly encourage you to listen to an episode or two or find a podcast on a subject that interests you (there is one for everything)! While music is always great, I find podcasts to be a pleasant alternative that helps me focus while giving me a little more insight into a subject that interests me!