Personal Safety: A Woman's Guide

Personal safety can be a simple thing for most individuals, but where do you start? Three steps should help aid your personal safety, whether you’re walking at night alone, on campus or anywhere else you feel unsafe.


First, you have to decide where you want to begin, such as what type of protection you are looking for.


Second, you have to decide what you want to purchase and where from.


Third, you have to learn how to use the tools which you have purchased.


Last, put all you’ve learned into action.


  • Step one:  

When deciding the type of protection you need, the best thing to think about is what type of area you’ll be in and what kind of situations can occur. This was the step that I see as the most important, because some tools aren’t necessary for certain situations.


The most convenient tool is pepper spray. It’s compact, reliable and easy to conceal. For individuals wanting something that packs more of a punch, a taser is a good option, but it needs to be a thoughtful purchase. Some tasers are smaller with less power, while others are stronger and can cause more damage.


  • Step two:  

Once you decide the type of condition you’re preparing for, and the type of device you want, the next step is finding a place of business to purchase your tools from. If you wish to purchase pepper spray, Walmart is the quickest place because it’s only around $10 to $11.


If you wish to purchase a taser, it becomes a more difficult task. Tasers range in price, and the availability of them is slim. Walmart usually carries one to two different tasers for $20 to $40. Yet, Amazon carries a variety for as low as $8.