The Perfect Thanksgiving Day Table Arrangement

While the food may be one of the most important elements to a great Thanksgiving, you cannot forget to set the table perfectly to set the mood! Below are a few simple, quick but lovely ideas for a beautiful arrangement for your table on Thanksgiving:


First things first… The centerpiece. This will frame the table and set the theme for your Thanksgiving feast! There are plenty of options for this, such as an open gourd filled with leaves or flowers; three different sized pumpkins stacked in a circle; vases with flowers like sunflowers, roses or lilies; or a long centerpiece filled with candles, pinecones, leaves and pumpkins! Here are some pictures for inspiration:

The next thing to cover is plate settings. You have an immense amount of options for this as well, including color, size and arrangement! Personally, I would recommend beige placemats, white stacked plates with silverware lying on both sides or you could spice it up a bit and add splashes of colorful plates or placemats like reds or blues! Here are two photos for some inspiration:

Lastly, you will need a tablecloth to finish the table arrangement! If you choose neutral plates and placemats I recommend picking a bright tablecloth to offset the neutrality, but if you chose bright plates and placemats I would recommend a neutral tablecloth! Here are some photos for inspiration:

I hope you enjoy these Thanksgiving table arrangement ideas and take inspiration away! Have a happy Thanksgiving!



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