The "Perfect" Night Routine for a College Student

Although we can not follow the perfect night routine every night due to things that getting into the way, studying for an upcoming exam (such as tomorrow morning,) or wanting to do something with our friends. It's important to try to follow this routine every once in a while. This is a healthy routine that makes sure you practice self-care such as eating, taking time out for yourself and SLEEP.


  • The first thing you should do is EAT!

This will make sure you have got the most important factor out the way. Being a college student we tend to forget to eat at times, so ensuring this is the first thing you do as soon as your keys turn the lock is important.



  • Next I would say is to get COMFY

Take a nice hot shower or bath and change out of the clothes that you have been in all day from running around campus and even work. When you take time to put on something comfier you will feel more relaxed. Also, light a candle or two this will put you in a very relaxed mood.



  • PREPARE for the next day

I tend to do this every day no matter if I follow this routine or not. This makes your life so much easier so you won't rush in the morning. Make a lunch or snack for the next day, set your alarm, check the weather and then pick out what you would like to wear the next day. (Picking your clothes out the day before will help save time in the morning which could add on more time for sleep or to cook breakfast.)



  • Now, of course, how can we go through the night without homework or studying

It's time to sit down and do what you need to do, even when we just want to hit the sheets and be done for the day. We have a planner full of things that are due that night, the next day or even sometime that week.




I can not stress this enough, from the hard work your putting in to study and do homework your body and brain needs a break. During this break, you can do something you enjoy such as listening to music, face care routine, or watching an episode or two of your favorite show. Just unwinding for a while is important and can help reduce stress at that moment.



  • Get back to studying or doing homework.. finish up what you have to do

After the break you had you can get back to doing your work and may be able to focus even more.



  • Now it's time to hit the sheets. GO TO BED!

College students are often sleep deprived but if you set yourself up a nice planned night routine you make get more sleep than usual.