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This is my disclaimer I suppose. I am writing this article for my boyfriend, Derrick, as a present for his 20th birthday. As any of you with a significant other may know, reassurance and thoughtful gestures are so important in keeping the relationship afloat.


So for this week, I hope you all enjoy this letter for its sappy yet not so puffery love story qualities.


So Derrick,


I feel like it’s maybe already understood but in case there was any confusion:


I love you so much and I’d do almost anything for you! It’s hard sometimes to put all your feelings into words but I’d like to best describe our connection and what you mean to me by covering all things relevant to our past, present and future. I figured there’d be no better way to express that than in a overly contemplated letter.


Starting from the ‘beginning’ beginning of our relationship, it always amazed me how insync we were. It was like I was dating myself because we were alike in so many ways.


I loved your confidence, fell intrigued to your liking for adventure, admired your passion for basketball and other things that soon showed importance and of course I thought you were super cute.

Through nonverbal cues, giggles during the lunch break of my mom’s class that you took, our first off campus interaction at my best friend’s house and trying to double date after games, we managed to form our flirtatious situationship if you will. Though we meshed together easily, I couldn’t believe I was talking to you honestly.


We’d been in the same school with each other 3 whole years without so much as a ‘hey’ in passing and before I knew it you were asking me to senior prom. We were in the second semester of senior year before we really began too so do we qualify as high school sweethearts or what?


Anyways, I really wasn’t sure if going to college boo’d up was the move or if it’d really work out, but I decided you were worth the shot.


Clarifying further, I WASN’T PLAYING YOU as you jokingly like to say. I just had to figure and sort some feelings out before we got serious ’cause… you know.


All in all when high school was over, I knew you had my back and we’d be fine. I’m so glad I told Kierra and your cousin to give you my number that day after practice; life got much more fun for me after you were in it.

What’s really important to acknowledge in the present is your growth as an individual and interpersonally. You are such a sweet and charismatic man. Watching you tickle fight Bailey, play the game with Cam and harass your mom all for no good reason has shown me that in you. It melts my heart to know you care so deeply about your family and even little ole me.


You’ve given priority and consideration to my feelings and try your best to contribute to my happiness on most days. I adore your effort to cater my oh so picky wants and at least pretending not to get tired of me when I start blabbering as I know I do. (you know I love talking) Thank you for all the time you’ve put into our relationship and never letting me feel too alone. I don’t quite understand how you’ve managed with me sometimes, especially when spending days on end together, but you’re great!

It’s also admirable how you work to not let the negative consume you and instead choose to aim for the stars. It’s a working process that I see you struggle with occasionally and I pray about often, but the effort alone shows drive and determination.


In our year and a half together, you’ve managed to share your thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears, and losses with me and I’m thankful you’ve trusted me with these pieces of you. I cherish the memories we’ve made and I love how close our bond has formed through them.

Looking ahead to all the future may hold, I know I want you in it. I look forward to more memories, celebrating our two year anniversary and conquering all together.


Keep aligning yourself for the opportunities I know you deserve! I also wouldn’t be a real friend if I didn’t say stop dragging your feet on things that matter sweetie. (you can’t finesse everything) Actually, that applies in everything. I believe in your capabilities, trust your insight on life and I’m sure there’s nothing we can’t figure out together if you need me.


Happy Birthday Pooh

I'm Jazmyn, an ATLien with a passion for makeup, good communication and cute pictures!
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