Oh, the Places You Will Go in Lexington

Spring will [hopefully] be here before you know it! Besides Lexington's horrible allergy season, it can be a fun place to explore.

Here are my top five choices to visit in Lex when you are seeking some adventure this spring.


1. It’s that time of year again. It’s KEENELAND SEASON!!!!!!! For the girls, it’s time to break out the Lilly dresses, big hats and beautifully-pedicured feet with a nice pair of sandals. For the guys, that means the bow ties are ready to come out from hibernation, as well as the bourbon you've been saving since football season ended. 

2. Lexington is known for their historical buildings. If you are a huge history buff, the Mary Todd Lincoln house opens again in the spring. Ashland, Henry Clay’s estates is also open to visitors. These are just a few, but there are tons more historical landmarks in the greater Lexington area!

3. There are so many parks in Lex that are perfect if you're wanting to take a hike in the wilderness. Legacy Trail is the most popular, so don’t be afraid to get on a bike or hike down their wilderness trail.

4. Lexington Legends games are always fun! You can grab a beer and a bag of peanuts with friends. It's truly a great way to celebrate the warm weather, all the while looking at men in baseball pants.

5. Lastly, McConnel Springs is the historical “birth place of Lexington.” It has an amazing natural spring where a battle occurred during the Revolutionary War. Definitely worth the hike!


So, start your adventure in Lex this spring! I promise it will be worth it.


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