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Not So Secret Santa

Photo By Allison Arterburn


Secret Santa is never secret in my friend group. none of us can keep our mouths shut for too long. It does not take long for all the pieces to fall into place.


An annual tradition started three years ago. Three years of accidentally finding out who got whom. I remember the presents all stacked up around Riley’s Christmas tree, only one this year, as we sat around laughing at each other for being so bad at this concept.


Within a few minutes we were each distributing our gifts before a flourish of wrapping paper sparkled the floor. I go a little overboard on gifts, wrapping and even detailing a reason written on a fancy gift tag I impulsively bought at Target. A mini tradition of my own that makes wrapping gifts fun.


The next two years were total accidents. I looked at a phone set on Kirwan Four’s front desk that told me exactly who had me. Or this year even when the friend who has me decided to not so subtly message me on the randomizer app writing exactly in her tone of voice.


Whether by complete accident or helping others out finding the perfect present for the other, we will never be able fully grasp the “secret” part of secret Santa.


Does it really matter how secret it is? Secret Santa has held on throughout these years as a way for us to leave our busy schedules just for the night and get together before we separate again. Our night to let go of the stresses the world has held onto us.


In the long run it does not matter who had whom, even when my friends are just as bad as I am at this whole secret thing. As long as we are together.


Twenty year old ISC major taking life day to day through a Polaroid camera.
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