New Shows I'm Loving in 2019

I am a procrastinator, but I just realized how well of a procrastinator I actually am. I say this because whenever I neglect the work I have to do it almost always feels like I had no work to do. That I’m just basking in a ton of free time. This year hasn’t been very different. I wish I could say I was a productive procrastinator, but I’m not. Like so many people my kryptonite is “Netflix.” Netflix encompasses it but the shows I watch go beyond Netflix. I have 11 downloaded apps on my phone to watch shows including SYFY, Hulu, NBC and FOX.


My point is I watch a lot of shows but my utter dedication has made me a tough audience to please. So, when I love a show it is REALLY good, at least in my opinion. Everyone has varying taste of interest. Here are the new shows I currently love:


  • Deadly Class

A high school for training assassins set in the 1980s. Do not be deceived at first glance thinking it would be a cliche show about teenagers trying to find their place in the world. It is, but it is also a lot more. There are so many interesting curve balls that always leave me in anticipation for the episode. The core of a regular high school is there but with all they have going on it’s like a high school on steroids after it overdosed on acid.


  • Umbrella Academy

Superheroes are slightly overdone today and there are so many of them. But how often are they born at the same time by mothers who weren’t pregnant the beginning of the day. Never. Intrigue is what draws you to this show. It’s more of the relationships between the superheroes than their actual powers which is what I love about this. How they interact with one another, the way they differently viewed and perceived their father and “mom.” There are gaps in their backstory but it doesn’t make you annoyed like it usually would because their characters are properly developed. It makes you wonder more, “How did you get so messed up?”


There are a lot of new shows in 2019 so far and more to come. Others I’m currently interested in checking out are A Discovery Of Witches, The Passage, Now Apocalypse, Sex Education and I Am The Night.


Advice of the day: Procrastinate wisely.