My Top TV Shows Growing Up

Growing up there were those shows that I was absolutely in love with. The shows that I would watch the night before and talk all about with my friends in school the next day. The shows that I would sometimes sneak to watch past my bedtimes. The shows that when I think of myself as a kid come to mind. Here’s a not so extensive list of those shows.


  • Avatar: The Last Airbender

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Aang, Katara. Sokka, Toph and Zuko (depending on what season of the show). The mostly unstoppable gang of kids fighting to save the world and bring peace. A show filled with love, action, death, pain, betrayal and so much more. 10/10 would recommend to watch.



  • Samurai Jack

Aku the shape shifting master of darkness filling the world with until he is opposed by a bold samurai (*insert christ figure*) he almost defeats him. Samurai Jack thrown into a portal to the future trying to get back to his time and fighting a LOT of bad guys on the way.



  • House of Anubis

A bunch of high school kids in a house filled with secrets, teachers in cults and students with mythical powers. What could possibly go wrong? A lot! Adventurous show that explores the wild imagination of living in a boarding house while creating tight-knit bonds with the residents



  • Megas XLR

Robots from the future. Ugly aliens. Weird teenage boys. Video games. A combination of things I would think I might not have enjoyed as a kid.



  • The Fairly Odd Parents

This show was probably such a success because it appealed to the desire of any kid. Imagine having fairy godparents that could grant any wish you wanted. Any wish! It’s a dream come true. However, the show largely emphasizes “be careful what you wish for.”



  • Ben 10

Firstly, the original is definitely the best. The show is about Ben, a kid who found a watch that won’t come off and allows him to turn into 10 (well… the number increases over time, and this one time he met his future self who was Ben 10,000) aliens. He then uses this power to fight aliens who want to take over earth and other bad guys.



  • iCarly

Carly, Sam, Freddie and Gibby. Hilarious.



  • Ed, Edd n Eddy

Again... Hilarious.



  • Spongebob Squarepants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS. It’s a classic. What’s not to love? Squidward’s anger, Patrick’s stupidity, Mr. Crabs’ greed, Sandy’s brains, Karen’s teenage girl ways and Spongebob’s all round sponginess.



  • Powerpuff Girls

Ingredients for the perfect little girl? Sugar, spice and everything thing nice oh and CHEMICAL X. No, just the Powerpuff girls. Three very different girls in KINDERGARTEN who the citizens of Townsville constantly rely on to save their lives.



  • Drake & Josh

SO MUCH LOVE! Two step brothers going through high school together.



  • Danny Phantom

Weird kid receives ghost powers from a machine his parents built. Now he uses his power for good and saves the world from ghost who want to harm it.


Honorable Mentions

  • Courage the Cowardly Dog

  • Rugrats

  • Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

  • CatDog

  • Dexter’s Laboratory

  • Victorious

  • Hey Arnold!

  • As Told by Ginger

  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy


Fun fact: I watched the intros for all these shows when writing this article and I was still able to sing along to all of them. I am satisfied with life.