My Top 5 Favorite Psychological Thrillers

If you are like me you enjoy Halloween, but you are not interested in getting scared. If you dislike getting scared that only leaves two types of movies you can watch for the season.


You can watch Halloween movies made for kids, which are fun and entertaining, but sometimes not enough to make it feel like it is Halloween, especially if you are in college. That leaves you with psychological thrillers. This is personally my absolutely favorite type of movie genre and I can watch it year around. It is however especially great for the month of October. Here a few great psych thrillers for you to check out this fall.


  • The Gift

This film focuses on a young couple who is visited by someone from the husband’s past. He brings a bunch of mysterious gifts and a terrifying secret with him as he invades this couple’s life. This movie is currently on Netflix.


  • Gerald’s Game

This film is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. After what is supposed to be a romantic weekend getaway at a remote cabin for Jesse and Gerald, things go terribly wrong. All alone Jesse must find her way back to civilization, without letting her childhood traumas take over.


  • The Ones Below

A young couple moves to a new townhouse and their suitmates downstairs are seemingly jealous of their pregnancy and then their baby. The mother is convinced by her husband that she is being paranoid and that leads to a terrible fate for the young family.


  • The Open House

A mother and son go to a house up in a mountain and they start experiencing some strange occurrences. It is one thing after another for this duo, until finally things take a turn for the worse. This is a Netflix original.


  • Emelie

A young woman named Emelie pretends to be someone else in order to babysit for a family. She seems great at first, but as the older kids seemed to look closer they noticed something is off about their new babysitter. It is up to the eldest sibling to save his younger siblings from their new nightmare.


There are tons of other popular psych thrillers you can watch this season. I shared these five because they can all be found on Netflix and I have enjoyed all of them. These are just of few of the thrillers you can watch this Halloween season.