My Tips on Staying Focused

Staying focused in college can be one of the hardest challenges. Being the first time I ever lived independently, there seemed to be a thousand things I wanted to do or felt like I needed to do in order to stay on track. I know a lot of us, especially me, could be a little bit better at staying focused on the things that matter most but here are a few tips that I have picked up on in the first few years of college.


  • Weed out the unnecessary things

Whether it be a person or activity that is holding you back, life is short and many things are temporary. Get rid of whatever is distracting you from being your best! Easier said than done of course but being aware of what is redirecting your focus is the first step.


  • Make lists

I have gotten used to writing down what I need to do the next day in order to keep myself accountable for what I need to get done. Plus, it helps me remember the little things I need to do. With a heavy class load last semester, it was easy to get lost in all the work. Keeping myself organized by reminding myself what tasks need to be done was a helpful solution.


  • Try not to multitask

Our brains are not wired to do two things at once. Our productivity decreases when we switch back and forth from one activity to another in rapid succession. After learning this in one of my communications classes Freshman year, I did a little bit of my own research to come to the same conclusion. Multitasking is nearly impossible so why spend my time trying to make it a reality? Whenever I need to focus on getting a few things done, it is better to remove all distractions so I can efficiently do my task.


I hope these tidbits helped you or served as a good reminder for this semester! Stay focused and manage your time well.