My Take on the 'Business' of Makeup: Why Buy Selectively?

The industry of makeup is like any conglomerate of competing businesses; it’s so complex in the way that they position themselves and launch their products. The goal is apparent that they want to increase profits and occasionally win over consumers, but some brands go above these objectives to make buyers feel a sense of importance.


As a frequent consumer of makeup and beauty products, my rationale leads me to believe that you can’t help but to begin thinking of the idiosyncrasies of each brand and how they cater to your needs. My biases may stem from the influencers I follow, my major and ethical values I hold, but the considerations utilized to support or deny a brand should have some alignment with things you believe in.


This goes for any and all products or brands out there, however with specifics to beauty products, if the hobby/lifestyle really means something to you, you’ll buy where all people are valued.


If you agree with me and would like to know some of the ‘criteria’ and specific instances I use to justify supporting or ditching a brand then keep reading!


One make or break business move that I feel is sooo played out is the “we missed the mark” “here’s an extension of the foundation line” and my absolute cringe trigger “people are lighter in the winter/ it’s a winter line!”

  • If any makeup brand or brand in general uses these phrases or something in the likeness then I feel they most likely learned no lesson, want to save face and can’t ignore the disapproval anymore. These statements do not convey that the people behind them have any remorse or took any consideration initially by the people who would take offense and that should be the only reg flag necessary for you to stop using.


Brands who are owned by passionate advocators of self love and empowerment. Not only for advertisements but in their mission and values

  • When a brand was founded because they saw the lack in the industry and wanted to provide the necessary change!! Omg that’s ambition I can stand behind. It’s never easy to enter this industry but everyday now more men and women are finding the courage to do so. I STAN!


The last business process that I feel could leave me on the fence about shopping with a brand is the overall promotional campaign tied to the products. If they come across with minimal effort I probably wouldn’t be interested and in opposition, if the creativity and influencer partnerships are a hit it’s more likely that you’d be enticed.  


Of course there are tons more things I could add to the list but for the sake of mine and your attention span, I’ll just end it there!


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