My Semester Started Rockier Than a Gravel Road

Usually my main concern at the start of the semester is buying my books and making sure I can park on campus, however this semester started off pretty differently than my previous ones.


Five days before classes started I received an email saying that one of my classes switched to an entirely different day and time.




I was able to move my schedule around to meet my requirements thankfully. Two days later - three days before classes started - I received another email stating they switched the class back to its original time.




I wrongly decided that I wanted to switch back to my original schedule, and I regretted that on the first day of classes.


I walked into my first class on Thursday, and sitting front row is a previous boyfriend - not one of my favorite ones either.




Then this professor tells us that we cannot have snacks in class.




After having emailed my advisor about six times the past two days, I went home that day and ended up switching all my classes back to the second schedule I had made.


My new classes were an immediate improvement - no exes in sight and snacks were (thankfully) approved to have in class.




This semester is the beginning of my senior year. The rocky start had me so worked up I could barely even think about graduation. After a good conversation with my advisor (and my mom) and a super long nap I finally started to feel like everything was going to be OK.


Moral of the story: like a gravel road my rocky start came to an end and a good nap makes everything a little bit better.