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My Secret to Preventing Dry Skin in the Winter

Okay so as you know, it’s winter, and this season is not the best for our skin. You’re expecting dry, flakey skin and it’s not something you can easily conceal with makeup. I’ve found what works for me and it’s not something I would have thought would work but I haven’t had dry skin since.


Two words: Gold. Bond. Crazy right? I would have never guessed that I would ever actually put the stuff that Shaq is the face for on MY face. I use the Gold Bond body moisturizer on my face and it works wonders. Before you begin to question or judge, hear me out.


Most beauty gurus are probably shaking their heads if they read this but this is why they would think that. You shouldn’t really ever put body lotion on your face because of its thickness and its fragrance, which can irritate the face. BUT Gold Bond has fragrance free lotion which I use and because it is so thick, I need less than a dime sized pump of lotion, to put a super thin layer on my face. I swear by it!


Something to exfoliate the dry dead skin and leave your skin super smooth and soft is a DIY sugar scrub. Just mix sugar and honey together until your preferred consistency as an exfoliator and exfoliate! Wash off with warm water and your skin will feel as smooth as a baby’s butt (I love using this as a lip scrub)!


I hope this has helped you conquer the brutal skin-drying season, good luck and keep your skin happy and healthy!

Hey guys! I'm Neha, a broadcast journalism major here at the University of Kentucky! I come from two immigrant parents and want girls like me to know they aren't alone! My dream job is to work in entertainment and I have a passion to inform others. I love video and make-up and meeting new people!
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