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My Favorite Skincare Products For Clear Skin

If you were to tell me nine years ago I would be writing a favorite skincare products article, I wouldn’t have believed you. Being what you would call an “Early bloomer,” I struggled with getting everything first, and pimples was not exempt.


For years I ran through skincare routines, masks, DIYs and everything you can think of. However, that all changed my junior year of high school when I went to a dermatologist and he told me a rule that I forever take with me through my skin care journey: less is more, ALWAYS.


As he told me to remove those bursting bead washes and hard face scrubs from my routine, I’m still a diehard skincare junkie who still loves to not only try new products, but switch up my routine. While my chosen face wash and spin brush never change, I still have found some great products I can’t believe I lived without one point in time.


  • Dove Sensitive Skin Bar $4

This is the ONLY thing I wash my face with. My dermatologist suggested this product first for my regimen and it completely stuck. It is free of chemical additives, fragrance and gets the job done every time. Even better than that? Its under $5! Like everything, I buy these bars in bulk and you can get a three-pack for $4 and some change!


  • Equate Beauty Moisturizing Lotion $9

The next thing my dermatologist recommended was a good moisturizer. Having oily skin, I thought any heavy moisturizer on my face was only going to have me looking like a grease ball by noon. However, after researching more about moisturizers and skin types, oily skin types actually are encouraged to moisturize MORE. In a weird way, oily skin types are “dry” deep down and the body produces more oil to make up for it. Keeping up with putting prime focus on moisturizing your face, you can see a decrease in the oils you’re experiencing. My dermatologist didn’t recommend this exact one, however, it is the same lotion as Cetaphil, only cheaper and Walmart brand, so save your coin and moisturize on!


  • Target Up&UP Vitamin E Oil $5

While only discovering this gem during Summer 2018, this completely changed my skin. After a long first year of college, I found my skin looking dull, stressed and needing a pick me up. This bottle weighs in at 2.5oz, an 1.5.oz more than usual face oils. I used this oil to replace my daily face moisturizer and not only did it keep my face soft and supple, it cleared my dark spots and helped with any hormonal acne. Face oils have become my new obsession and I hope to add to my collection!


  • Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes Unscented $2

These wipes have been with me basically my whole life. My mom used them on me for everything as a baby and I continued the trend. I use them as makeup wipes since I’ve never been a fan of wipes advertised as makeup wipes. A 25ct of Neutrogena Makeup Wipes cost $6.99, three times more than a 56ct for $1.84 without tax. They’re not as harsh as makeup wipes because they’re made for babies. I will never steer away from them.


  • L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask Detox & Brighten $9

Being who I am, I could never end this list without mentioning one of my favorite things to try, MASKS! Masks are my way off enjoying different cleansers without taking out my OG cleanser from my daily regimen. Masks are a great way to unwind and give your skin that extra attention you haven’t been giving it.

Hey y'all! My name is Sydney Wade and I'm a sophomore from Nashville at the University of Kentucky! My major is Media Arts & Studies with a minor in Communication. I am a College of Communication & Information Ambassador, Chair Member on Student Activities Board, and now a writer for HerCampus! I love all things fashion and beauty and most importantly, self-care. I strive to always push confidence, positivity, and self-care in my writings and I'm excited to see what's in store for this year!
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