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My Advice to College Freshmen

Being an incoming freshman in college is tough, especially during COVID when you may not have had a normal ending to your high school career either. With confidence and your people by your side, I promise it isn't too bad. Here is some of my advice to the next class of incoming freshmen. 

Making your classes your priority will without a doubt set you up for success, you are in college to receive an education after all. Striving to attend all of your classes and submitting each assignment on time will allow you to already have that piece of success. Also, striving to never submit any work late will help you too! Studying harder than you think you need to will allow you to be as prepared for your exams as possible. In college, most people enjoy taking electronic notes but for me, pen and paper are the way to go. I find that writing things down helps me remember them better in the long run! 

Take advantage of office hours. Even if you aren't going to ask a question about the class, office hours can be a great way to interact with and introduce yourself to your professors. It is a great way to make connections for your future! 

Next, I recommend trying your best to get involved on campus. Finding your place within student organizations allows you to meet more people and make new connections within your campus community! There are so many possible organizations to get involved with, the possibilities are endless! 

Lastly, don't forget to check up on your mental health! Take advantage of resources offered on your campus that can positively impact your mental health. 

Focusing on yourself throughout your college experience will without a doubt help you be the best college student you can be. Don't worry about any of it too much! 

Community and Leadership Development Major & Political Science minor at the University of Kentucky.
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