Must Have Apps for College Students

I do not know about you, but my phone is my life. It is how I stay connected to my friends and family, read about current events, and keep myself entertained when I am bored.


But besides being an instrument for my entertainment and personal needs, there are apps out there capable of making the college life a lot easier, too! I have done some research on the best and most helpful apps there are for college students, and here are the ones I found:


  • GroupMe

Most people know of this app, but if you do not, GroupMe is a great alternative to creating group text messages. This app is made to keep group communication simple and non-disruptive, like large group chats can be, sometimes. Visit the webpage for GroupMe here.


  • Tapingo

Ok, call me crazy, but I used Tapingo AT LEAST once a day this past year. Tapingo is a university-sponsored food ordering app, meant to let you skip the line in on-campus restaurants and cafes. There is also a delivery option if restaurants on and around your campus choose to participate, too! While not every school utilizes Tapingo, a large number do. I usually use this app to skip the line at Starbucks and have my drink waiting for me when I get there. It is perfect if you’re in a rush or don’t feel like waiting in line! Download it here.


  • LiveSafe

Livesafe is a personal safety app meant to keep people safe as they travel from place to place. If you and your friends are walking home from a party at night and feel uncomfortable, you can use this app to ensure your safety by holding down a button as you walk. If you let go, the police will be notified of your location after 10 seconds if you do not disable the alarm. You can also add friends on it so they can be aware of your location, too, in case anything happens. Visit the app’s webpage here.


  • Homework

I LOVE the Homework App. This organization/reminder acts as a planner and a to-do list all in one. You can create folders for each of you classes and add assignments, important dates, and more to stay on top of your work in an organized way. I love this app because you can color coat your classes and assignments, making it easier to navigate. If you have trouble keeping your schoolwork or day-to-day tasks in order, I highly recommend downloading this app! You can do so here.


  • EasyBib

Maybe you’ve heard of EasyBib before, but if you have not, have I got a treat for you! Do you hate having to cite every single source for your papers and projects? Well, EasyBib acts as both a citation guide and a citation generator to make citing sources easier than ever. Pick between citation styles and types of sources to generate the proper citation for any source under the sun. Disclaimer: there are in-app purchases available. Get EasyBib here.


  • LitCharts

From the creators of SparkNotes, another favorite tool of college students, LitCharts serves to help students understand their assigned readings. LitCharts has tools to help break down the meaning of and analyze a variety of literature. LitCharts has summaries, analyses, explanations, themes, quotes, and more pulled straight from your required readings. If you have trouble understanding literature of any kind, use this app to help those reading assignments seem much less daunting. Get LitCharts here.


  • Left to Spend

Left to Spend is a personal budgeting app meant to keep your spending and saving on track. It works by allowing you to calculate a daily spending amount by taking what you have in your account, subtracting the cost of bills and necessities, and dividing that number by how many days are in the month. This generates an amount left to spend daily on anything else. If you have trouble with budgeting and saving money, this app is a great way to stay on track and not spend too much! Read about it here.


  • Scholly

Want to easily find scholarships that you are eligible for? Well, look no further! Scholly is a scholarship database app that takes your personal information (demographics, major, financial needs, school, etc.) and finds scholarships that you are eligible to apply for. Forget the days of scouring the internet for legitimate scholarships and let Scholly do all the work for you. Download the app here.


  • Headspace

Let’s face it, college is stressful. It is easy to get caught up in assignments and studying and drama and social events, which can all take their toll on our minds and bodies. Headspace is a beginner meditation app that allows you to find a moment of tranquility in your otherwise hectic life. I use this app every night before I go to bed to center myself and calm my racing mind. Headspace offers a variety of meditation types so you can find what works for you. Read about Headspace here.


Again, I highly recommend downloading these apps to help make your life easier. From budgeting to keeping track of your homework, these apps will make every aspect of your college life a breeze!