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Mr. UK Campus Freshman 2015 Contestant: Ray Grijalba

Name: Ray Grijalba
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Greek Organization: Theta Chi

Major and Future Plans: Materials Engineering

What is the cutest Halloween costume a girl can wear and why? The cutest Halloween costume would be an angel. It’s the best because any girl can look good as an angel. The white wings make them stand out and they halo and other apparel makes them look even more pretty.
What’s the best thing about girls at UK? Well first of all they are all so beautiful! But the best thing is that they are all so fun. All the girls I meet around campus and at parties are very relaxed and just want to enjoy college.
What is your most prized possession? Well I am not sure if this counts as a possession but I would say my 8-month-old sister Christina. She is the cutest baby ever. She smiles and laughs all of the time and every time I go home I cannot wait to see her because her smile can always brighten my day. She can make anyone laugh or feel better.
What is the craziest dare you’ve ever gone through? Junior year I was dared to dress up as an elf on the last day before Christmas break. I had to go all out also. So I showed up to school with tights, one leg red and the other leg green, elf boxers which had bell on them and were super short, an elf hat with a bell on the end and a green and red elf shirt. It was legit. However, that day we took a test and every time I went up to ask my teacher a question all of my bells would jingle. None of my friends wanted to sit by me at lunch. It was an interesting day.

Why should people vote you Mr. UK Freshman? People should vote for me for Mr. UK Freshman because I feel like I am a really well rounded person. I am very focused on my education but I also like to party and have a good time. I am very involved and participate in many events outside of my fraternity.

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