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Mr. UK Campus Freshman 2015 Contestant: Daniel Wheeler

Name: Daniel Wheeler
Hometown: Carrollton, Kentucky
Greek Organization: Alpha Tau Omega

Major and Future Plans: Majoring in Economics, with a minor in Political Science and then heading to the University of Kentucky Law School.

What is the cutest Halloween costume a girl can wear and why? To be honest I have always been a fan of the nurse costume. But I’m a guy, so I’m completely satisfied with anything including spandex and a pretty smile.

What’s the best thing about girls at UK? The best thing about UK girls is by far the variety here on campus. I truly believe that the girls at UK are by far better than any other girl at any other campus. There isn’t just one standard type of girl here, but many different ones. The best part is they all have qualities that are special to them and only them. And besides, UK girls are all absolutely gorgeous.

What is your most prized possession? My most prized possession is by far my football jersey from my high school season. Football was, and always will be, a large part of my life. I started playing in the fourth grade and continued to until I graduated high school. But what really makes this so important to me is the memories and friends that came with it. I met almost entirely all of my childhood friends through football.

What is the craziest dare you’ve ever gone through? One of the craziest dares I’ve done that I can actually share wasn’t really a dare but just one of those late-night ideas that sounded good at the moment. Two good friends and I went to see a movie a few towns over and ran into a few of our friends already there. After the movie was over we had the great idea of having a race home. We took the interstate home and were in second place of only two cars when they kept driving steady with a semi so we couldn’t pass. Our exit was getting close and we were determined not to lose, so we had the brilliant idea of passing on the shoulder. We were going well over the speed limit AND driving on the shoulder, when we saw the bit of roadwork that was happening up a head. So we had to go even faster, and cut off both the semi and the other car just to not wreck. We barely made it and had three grown men in the car screaming like second grade girls. It could, perhaps, be the closest to death I’ve ever been.
Why should people vote you Mr. UK Freshman? I was raised in a small town where the ideas of family, close friends, and religion were drilled into everyone’s childhood. I think that even after I have left my small town and moved to Lexington I still stick to these principles. As a student my grades are well above average, and my personal involvement is also another large part of my life here at UK. I’m a friendly guy, and am always up to a new challenge. And I would greatly appreciate your vote in my hopes to be the first Mr. UK Freshman.

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