The Most Binge-Worthy Show on Netflix: The Following

If you are anything like myself, you are constantly on the search for a quality Netflix show to watch. I have seen just about anything and everything that captures my interest: Gossip Girl, 90210, Orange is the New Black, American Horror Story, Jane the Virgin, Parks and Rec, Black Mirror and Criminal Minds. A few of those I have even watched more than once.


But lately I struggled to find something I actually enjoyed.


I have always been interested in crime. You can catch me watching Buzzfeed’s Unsolved channel and the ID channel whenever I can. Recently, my boyfriend introduced to me the show called The Following.


There are only three seasons of this drama-filled crime show, but every minute is filled with anticipation and shocking plot twists.


The show follows the life of ex-FBI agent Ryan Hardy who must deal with serial killer Joe Carroll after putting him behind bars. The game of cat and mouse left Hardy dealing with emotional and physical scars.


When Hardy is called upon once more to track down Carroll when he escapes from prison, he must face his worst fears and overcome obstacles that force him to make life altering choices.


However, while Carroll was locked away in prison, he accumulated a group of cult-like followers that carry out orders and killings for Carroll while he is in prison. No one, not even some of the FBI agents, can be trusted.


The Following shows viewers that despite their differences, Hardy and Caroll are cut from the same, dark cloth. No worries, I will not spoil anything for you.


What made this show stand out to me was the complexity of the character development. Joe Carroll is a character that you want to hate but for some reason, cannot. Carroll is convicted for killing 14 girls and has killed numerous people throughout the show. However, he manages to show caring and empathetic traits.


Despite voicing his hatred for Hardy, he cannot live without the man who put him behind bars. Carroll is a bad guy with good guy tendencies.


Hardy depends on Carroll just as much as Carroll depends on Hardy. Hardy obsesses over Carroll and anything to do with him to the point where he sabotages his friendships and romantic relationships. He reaches the point where he develops alcoholism and cannot function without a flask in his coat jacket. Hardy is not pure when it comes to his investigation methods.


He constantly breaks protocol, uses unethical interrogation techniques and has even killed people in the name of catching Carroll. Hardy is a good guy with bad guy tendencies.


The Following is a show worth watching if you are into drama, crime and plot twists that will leave you shocked and wanting more. You will truly disappointed that there are only three seasons.