Midterms are Approaching: 5 Study Tips to Help You Survive

The impending college midterms: it’s time to get ready now.


Whether you’re a freshman or a second-year senior, midterms are nothing to look forward to, especially if they’re a large percentage of your overall grade.


As a senior, I can tell you I’ve had my fair share of wonderful and poor, grades on midterms, but it all comes down to finding study techniques that work for you.


Here are five study techniques that work for me, and may work for you, too.


  • Rewrite your notes

You should always take notes in class, first and foremost. Before your midterm, rewrite those same notes completely. When you rewrite your notes, I suggest handwriting them. By rewriting your notes, this will allow you to process the information multiple times and hopefully allow some terms to set-in. After rewriting your notes at least once, continue to re-read them until you’re confident with the information.


  • Try flashcards

I highly suggest flashcards. When you hold a card up and the term or idea doesn’t almost immediately pop into your head, you know you have more studying to do. Flashcards help you gauge where you are with your notes and if you’re ready to take the test.


  • Take breaks

Taking multiple breaks is an extremely important part of any studying process. After 30 minutes of studying, take a five- to ten-minute break, and continue this pattern throughout the studying process. Overwhelming yourself with too much information at once will only hurt your memory.


  • Study with friends in the same class as you

Odds are, at least one other person in your class needs as much help studying as you do. Studying in groups can help aid your memory in the same way flashcards do. You’re also held accountable if you aren’t paying attention or trying your best. Studying with friends is also helpful because everyone remembers terms differently: some try acronyms and patterns to remember terms that you may not have thought of alone.


  • Organize your study space

When your study area is a mess, so is your mind. Organize your surroundings to aid in your studying process. At first, it may seem a little counter-productive but I promise this will help in the long run.


Midterms aren’t as scary when you know and understand which studying techniques work best for you. Try these out, put your own spin on them or look tips up to find which benefit you most. Good luck and ace those midterms!