Midterm Season, As Told By Halloweentown

Midterm Season has hit the Big Blue Nation!

Students are staying at the library until five in the morning, with Starbucks coffee always in hand.

They crawl to their exam,s feeling like they are dead themselves.

So, to make Midterm Season seem (somewhat) fun, this is how midterms are explained by the movie Halloweentown.


When you pray that you do well on your test.


When you want to do anything else but study.


When people text you to see if you're still alive.


When Mom and Dad call to check up on you during the week, and you are already annoyed.


When you show up to your final looking like crap and you don’t care.


By the end of midterms, all you want to do is transfer, because you feel like you failed all of them.


When you're officially done and are free to do whatever you want!


Hopefully, this brightened up your Midterms Week. And, remember what Grandma Aggy Cromwell always says: “All you've got to do is want something and then let yourself have it.”

Good luck on all of your midterms, collegiettes!


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