Meet Taylon Baker, Her Campus UK Writer

Photo provided by Taylon Baker


Name: Taylon Baker

Age: 19

Year: Sophomore

Major: English

Hometown: Pineville, Ky


Her Campus: What is your position with Her Campus? 

Taylon: Writer


Her Campus: How did you get involved with the club and why?

Taylon: Being in the same scholarship program as the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus, I saw some fliers in the office we both go to. I read about it and knew this was something I wanted to be apart of. I not only wanted to gain writing experience and improve my language, but I also wanted to see how people react to my writing for the first time.


Her Campus: What is your favorite part about being a writer?

Taylon: My favorite part is the inspiration it’s giving people back home in my community. Coming from a town where the average household income is around $22,000, I know the feeling of despair and hopelessness some feel. While I too once thought I’d amount to nothing, I found purpose especially in writing. I get to write on here and share with people back home, showing them that if I can do it, anyone can.


Her Campus: Any challenges being a writer? 

Taylon: A challenge it does bring is pleasing the audience of course. I really have to think about what people would actually be interested in reading, and make sure I’m not blabbing when I type. I want to write about something they’ll bring up later in the line for Panda Express with their friends.


Her Campus: Are you involved in other clubs on campus? 

Taylon: I am! I’m a member or Team Wildcat/STAT and I help plan events and things going on in the student section as well as homecoming here on campus. I just became fundraising director in the College Mentors for Kids program. Also, I just got initiated into UK’s law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta.


Her Campus: What is your dream job?

Taylon: Honestly, I just want to be Atticus Finch. I want to be a lawyer who actually does what’s right, and not worry about whether or not I’m getting paid in cash. I just want to help people. Also, I would absolutely love to be an author. I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve so who knows!


Her Campus: Hobbies?

Taylon: My number one hobby has to be reading. I have a book collection of over 100 books in my room, and probably 30 in my dorm.


Her Campus: Advice to new students?

Taylon: The best piece of advice I could give you is be yourself here. This isn’t high school and you have no one to impress. Be you. You’ll probably never have class with the same people for a while so who cares what they think. I really feel like, while being here, I’ve finally discovered who I am and I kind of like that.


Her Campus: Favorite memory so far at UK?

Taylon: My favorite memory has to be my 19th birthday here on campus. It was a Wednesday so of course I couldn’t go home and it was my first birthday without being there. I’ve never been one to have a ton of friends either, so this was really a day for me. I walked into my bedroom though and turned on the lights and the entire freshman class of Robinson Scholars all jumped out and surprised me. I’ve never had a surprise party nor this many friends, so I was of course in tears. They made my first birthday away from home perfect with my new family here on campus.