Meet Savannah Gray

Savannah is a sophomore Psychology major from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She aspires to study law, become a lawyer, and eventually work for the CIA. As for now, she holds an internship under a law professor at the university— being the youngest intern to obtain the position this year.


Savannah is most passionate about online shopping, napping, and Starbucks refreshers. She is also an excellent student with an ambitious spirit and positive attitude. Her drive and aspirations help her to succeed in the classroom and her bright personality and wit make her such an admirable person.


Apart from her academic efforts, Sav also values social involvement within the university. She is a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority and lived in the sorority house last semester.


Next year, Savannah will be adding a new stamp to her passport as she embarks on a five month study-abroad trip to Sydney, Australia. She will be learning the ropes of a new culture and she is so excited to add this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to her resumé (she’s also sure to snap some insta worthy pictures while she’s living life down under). 

We should all aim to possess the poise, class, ambition, and adventure-seeking soul that Savannah has. You go mate!!!!!!!