Meet Emily Beaucham, HC UK Writer and Marketing Director

Name: Emily Beaucham

Age: 22

Year: Technically a senior, but I have another year to get my Bachelor's.

Major: History and Secondary Education

Hometown: Georgetown, KY


What is your position with Her Campus? (Staff writer, Executive Board member, etc.)

Staff writer and Marketing Director!


How did you get involved with the club and why?

My friend Hannah told me about Her Campus and how much fun she had writing for them. She helped me apply and become a writer with the organization myself! I thought it would be nice to expand my horizons on campus and be involved, and I enjoy getting to meet the other writers! I have always enjoyed writing, but I never had an actual outlet or audience for my writing.


What is your favorite part about being a writer?

I love being able to voice myself and basically dump whatever is going through my mind into a word documents. Sometimes I have difficulty verbally explaining what I'm going through or how I feel about something, but it's fairly easy for me to just write it all down and get it out that way. I also love that I can write about literally anything; even a simple list of my favorite snacks to make is enough to help distract and relieve me from stress.


Any challenges about being a writer?

Besides the typical writer's block that occurs, I'd say a main challenge I face is the fear of putting myself completely out there. Before writing Her Campus, I never really shared my writing with others. Once Hannah helped me get involved, I basically just took a deep breath and posted my first piece on Facebook for all my friends and family to see. I still have some anxiety before posting each piece, but it's like good anxiety.  I get like tiny adrenaline rushes with each piece.


Are you involved in other clubs on campus? If so, which ones?

I am not involved in other clubs on campus. Between work and school, joining a bunch of clubs can be difficult. I'm glad I found Her Campus, though!


What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be a successful high school teacher (weird I know). I also have this insane dream of being a writer, but who knows!



Writing! I also enjoy reading, taking naps, binging Netflix, and re-organizing my room (it occurs like once a it's a hobby now).


Any advice for new students?

Get involved! I waited until my senior year to get involved in clubs and I really regret that! Make time for yourself and don't be afraid to talk to someone if you're feeling too stressed or overwhelmed. Your mental health is more important than any grade, and most schools provide some sort of counseling. Take full advantage of any tutoring services your school provides! Have fun!


What is your favorite memory so far at UK?

Joining Her Campus! No joke, I just transferred here this fall and joining this organization has been the best for me.