Maintaining Healthy Relationships

There are many different kinds of relationships such as romantic partners, family, friends, co-workers, mentors, etc. Maintaining healthy relationships is not always easy, but here are some tips that may help. These tips are useful in any sort of relationship.

  1. 1. Honesty

    Honesty is useful in every relationship. If you are not being honest with someone in a relationship, then you cannot build trust. This can cause trust issues and tendencies to lie or do things that are out of line to see if the other person is lying.

  2. 2. Communication

    Communication is an important skill to learn. It is useful in every aspect of your life and all relationships. Communication is important because expressing how you feel can solve many issues. When you are feeling a certain way like upset, angry or happy, if you do not tell the other person, nobody will know how you feel. It is also very important to communicate things you do not like and things you do like, so the other person can make changes and vice versa.

  3. 3. Understanding

    Fully understanding a person can take a while, but it is helpful to understand what the person likes, dislikes, believes, agrees on and so on. When you understand people, it makes it easier to avoid conflict and know how to please them. Plus, agreeing on things like what is morally right versus wrong is a huge part of people, and can help build a strong relationship.

  4. 4. Independence

    It is important that in a relationship, you and the other person spend some time apart. You should be able to be independent people and not rely on each other. Keeping your other relationships intact is just as important. If you spend all your time together, you could become too dependent on eachother, and your other relationships may fall apart.

  5. 5. Balance

    Relationships are a balance of giving and receiving. You should not expect a person to give everything up for you, and they should not expect the same either. It is nice to give things to someone you really care about, but if those actions are not reciprocated, that is a red flag. In relationships, sometimes you have to do things for other people to make them happy because you care about them, but it is important that you are happy as well, and you are also gaining something from the relationship. Make sure you are not changing who you are for anyone else. 

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