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A Love Letter to Life

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Dear life,




It’s me, another person who feels as though I’ve been screwed over by you. In case you didn’t know there’s a whole bunch of us out here. You’ve got some explaining to do; you’re like the embodiment of the perfect playboy. This is not a good reputation to have, if you’re not aware.


However, the purpose of this letter isn’t to focus on all negative qualities. I’d like to appreciate you for being who you are.


I call it a love letter but that’s not what it really is, it’s more of a ‘Thank you’ letter.


Thank you for the pain you’ve brought me because without it I wouldn’t really appreciate all the happiness I have.


Thank you for the friends you’ve given me, those gone and those here to stay, with these friends I’ve been backstabbed, lied to, disappointed, annoyed and felt almost every negative emotion.


With these friends I’ve experienced love that made my heart swell so much it felt unreal, I’ve been truly happy, I’ve been supported and I’ve had the best feeling of being there for someone else.


With these friends I’ve gone through so much within the past years that without them I wouldn’t be writing this letter to you. Without them this would have solely been another hate letter.


Thank you for making me realize that I shouldn’t b*tch about every little wrong thing that happens to me because there’s always someone else who has it worse than I do. Thank you for making me accept who I am as a person, rather than wanting to be someone else that I wasn’t or someone others wanted me to be.


Thank you for slapping me in the face so many times to make me detach my fantasy from reality because without those wake up calls I’d still be in la la land. While I sure would love to go back to a fantasy world because reality is scary I sure am grateful though because what’s the point if it isn’t real.


I guess you can call this a love letter because I do love you, Life. I love how I still have the opportunity to be here to still have a life. I love how with you there’s an unimaginable number of things I could achieve, I love how with you I can make someone else’s life better, I love how you always find a way to show me the beauty of humanity. There’s just so much I love about you.


I’m not going to lie, you can be a d*ck sometimes…more than sometimes, but I want you to know I love you, I honestly really do love and thank you so very much.



Abby Olaleye.

Abby Olaleye is a junior at the University of Kentucky. I'm currently majoring in Biosystems Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering. I'm a writer for HerCampus because writing is fun and a better way to procastinate. 
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