Logan Huntzberger as "The Resident"

Logan Huntzberger: By far my best love interest for Lori in Gilmore Girls.


Before you disagree screaming, “No! It’s Jess!” Just remember Jess was a d*ck a lot of the time, left Lori multiple times and broke her heart way too much.


Logan, however, was willing to marry her even though they were still high school and constantly proved how much he loved her even after he messed up a lot.


In short, Logan was an absolute sweetheart -- Most of the time, anyway.


That being said, I clearly cannot get enough of Logan Huntzberger or better yet, Matt Czuchry.


So, when I heard about the new show, The Resident, with him as the lead actor, I literally lost it.


The Resident.


Yes, this is another show about doctors. Yes, it has a lot of the cliches that comes with any hospital TV drama. And yes, you should still totally watch it. Why? Because it is AMAZING.


The Resident shows a different perspective to life in a hospital.


This show majorly focuses on the issues and concerns about healthcare in the nation. While bringing light to these various issues, it is the story of how one doctor tries to make a difference in a broken and corrupt system, proving that one man can indeed make a change.


However, one man is not enough in this case.


Matt Czuchry does not disappoint and continues to show the qualities we love in him as Logan Huntzberger, and better. You cannot help but love him all over again.

Watch The Residents, Monday at 9 p.m. on FOX.