The Life of a 'Speechie'

Being a 'speechie' means one thing in the world of KHSSL and that is that you are a speech competitor. Speech itself could be taken as mostly talking or giving a presentation but that’s not how I mean it. Speech to me and others who competed on the KHSSL circuit means memorizing pieces lt writing your own to use in competition as a way to bring recognition to your school or to beat out other students and to show your own talent.


Being a speech kid brings a individual a lot of confidence and I highly recommend it to those who have a difficult time speaking in front of large crowds. Being a 'speechie' brings with it a few things that most either love or hate. Here are a few things that come along with the gig.


  1. Long hours of practice rather it be after school or on the weekends

  2. Weekends spent away from home at competitions.

  3. Long hours on a bus to get from place to place

  4. Early mornings and late nights running the halls performing your hearts out.

  5. Practicing in hallways and hotel rooms the night and mornings before competition

  6. Eating fast food for days at a time.

  7. Sharing hotel rooms with way more people then it’s intended purpose

  8. Wearing suits and tights and heels just to look professional no matter where you go

  9. Changing on buses underneath of blankets as you drive down the highway

  10. Making a family with others who you normally would not think to


Being a 'speechie' is something I never really got to take for granted, it’s been a amazing ride from grade school to high school for a total of 8 years. Followed by two years of judging, it’s a family dynamic and it’s a safe place to just have fun and let loose.


If you are know someone who is shy or afraid to speech in public tell them about this because your college may also have a speech team you did not know about until now.