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Leaving Home Is Always Harder Than Expected

I am a college student at the University of Kentucky, but my home is in West Friendship, Maryland. Going to school eight hours away from my family, friends and home is definitely not easy; however, I would not change my decision if I had the chance to.

Transitioning from school to home and home to school can be really difficult. When I have to leave school, all my friends and my life as a college student, I get so sad thinking about another year gone or a weekend missing out on college experiences. When my time at home is over, though, I feel the same way. I can not ever leave my home without shedding a tear (or a few). The person who is always hardest for me to say goodbye to is my mom; I spend the most time with her when I am home, so leaving her side is always a tear jerker. After creating a daily routine at school and leaving that behind to go home, I get used to being home and suddenly it’s time to go back to school.

One thing that helps me get through these difficult transitions is thinking of things to look forward to. When I leave school, I think about getting to see my family, being home, seeing friends, all the fun things I am going to do and of course, the best part of being home: snuggling with my dog. When it’s time to leave home and go back to school, I think of all the things that keep me busy during the week, my goals for that week and my fun weekend plans with friends.

Another thing that helps me is surrounding myself with people. When I have to leave my family and go back to school, I always feel better once I see my friends and remember how much fun I have at school. Something else that helps me is remembering that my loved ones are always a call or text away. I talk to my friends and family every day when I am not with them, which makes them seem a lot closer. The thing that helps me the most, though, is remembering that I will always see my friends and family again. 

While saying goodbye is the hardest part, I will always see them again soon.

 Alyssa Vagnoni- Junior studying Communications at University of Kentucky.
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