Kiddie Christmas Movies you Haven't Seen, but Should

Every holiday season there is always a struggle to find a new Christmas movie to watch. Eventually all of the cute romantic comedies get old and you want to watch something else. When I have had enough of romance I watch a kiddie holiday movie.


I know what you are thinking, I am in college I can not watch a kid movie. False! You can and you should. Here is a list of my favorite kiddie movies for the holidays.


  • Olive the Other Reindeer

This movie focuses on a little dog who has always dreamed of being one of Santa’s reindeers. When Olive hears over the radio that one of Santa’s reindeer is sick, she sets off on a long journey to the North Pole in order to save Christmas. This movie is super cute and creative and not one that many people have seen before. This movie is based off a children’s book of the same name.


  • Grandma Got Run Over by Reindeer

This movie is a classic for me. I watch this every year at least twice. The movie focuses on a young boy named Jake trying to find his grandma who goes missing on Christmas Eve. He believes that she was run over by a reindeer, but has a hard time trying to convince everyone else.


  • Albert

This Nickelodeon original movie follows a tiny fir who wants to be the most famous Christmas Tree that the Empire City has ever seen. When Albert hears about the search for the tree he sets out to get to the Empire City to become the tree. This movie is very unique and very cute. It is a great watch.


  • Rise of the Guardians

This movie is about a dark spirit trying to take over the world. Santa Claus, Jack Frost, the Easter Bunny and other characters band together to stop Pitch and save the world. This movie is pretty action packed for a kids movie. I really enjoy this movie and more people should know about it.


If you are looking for some different Christmas movies to watch, give these a try. They will be sure to make you laugh and feel you with a sense of childlike joy.