Jumpsuits: Your New Best Friend

Hey there, collegiettes!

If you all are as avid Snapchatters as I suspect (I know I'm guilty), you've probably seen the live feed from New York Fashion Week in the Big Apple.

I don't know about you all, but I, for one, was sighing and drooling over these pictures and videos all week. *Insert emoji with heart eyes here*

But, one trend I wanted to see more of this week?

Jumpsuits and playsuits. OMG. (I think it's safe to say I'm obsessed with this trend.)

Think about it. It's the perfect outfit: the beauty of a dress and the comfort of pants, all in one. Can you say #winning? It's basically the grown-up version of a skort, only a lot hotter. I'd totally wear one every day if I could.

But, before you raid your mom's closet for her 80s throwbacks, I've compiled my favorite [ahem, more modern] pieces from a few of my favorite boutiques and department stores.

***Confession: I spent more than an hour and a half researching this week's article. I may or may not have ordered half of these, which you may or may not see out at Two Keys/Tin Roof in the next few weeks. Sorry, not sorry.

Happy shopping, collegiettes!


Coral Woven Bandeau Bust Contrast Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit also comes in a "camel" color (in other words, "nude"), which would be my pick over the black. It's sexy and slightly scandalous (you'll be the talk of the town)!


Baroque-Embossed Romper

Pink is my favorite color, so naturally, this jumpsuit is one of my favorites. With the bright color and bold print, all you need is your nude heels and favorite clutch, and you're ready to go!


Floral Lace-Yoke Jumpsuit

I love the tuxedo feel of this jumpsuit; all you need is a white blazer and you're set. You'll be better dressed in this outfit than your date, that's for sure!


Glittery Jumpsuit

I've said it before and I'll say it again: what's an outfit without a little sparkle? This jumpsuit is the perfect balance, with an overall shimmer; you'll light up the night!


Sequined Jumpsuit

Though I love all of these jumpsuits, this has to be my number one pick. The long sleeves + sequins = show-stopping, jaw-dropping OOTN.


Women's Denim Jumpsuit Blue-Mossimo

Jumpsuits aren't just for going out; you can wear this denim piece to lunch with your mom or shopping with your girlfriends. Pair it with a chunky necklace and nude flats (as pictured). Très chic!



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