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It’s okay to not know exactly what you’re going to do after college

One of the most common questions college students are asked is “So what are you going to do once you graduate?” Some people respond with an in-depth description of their extensive plans to either go to graduate school or get an incredible job. Others dread this question and simply come up with an answer that seems acceptable. 

Society has instilled in us that we need to figure out what we’re going to do with out lives at a very young age. Although some people go into college knowing exactly what they want to major in and stick with it until they graduate, others end up changing their major multiple times and still don’t know what to do after graduation. The pressure to have your life figured out is especially high on a college campus, where everyone is working hard and striving to be the best. If you don’t have an exact plan for what to do after graduation, it can seem that you’re lagging behind or unmotivated. But this is not the case. Keeping your options open and waiting to see what happens is just as acceptable as having a precise plan for it. So if you’re someone who is till unsure about the future, don’t be discouraged. Everything will work out eventually. 

Hi everyone! I am a senior here at UK and am originally from Northern Kentucky. I am majoring in Political Science and Journalism and am the President of Feminist Alliance at UK. I am very passionate about politics and current events, and I hope to bring a non-partisan view to all the articles I write!
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