It Is Okay to Choose Your Own Career

Life has a way of placing us in different homes, communities, situations, life events, and more. Those things are what define who we are, and often influence our decisions. One of the biggest outcomes they can be produce is an ultimate influence on one’s career and future ambitions. 


One must ask, is it always for the best? Can these moments and events in our lives really be for the best? Are we positioned in a certain track in life from the beginning?


I am here to tell you that it is actually okay to choose a different career other than what those uncontrollable life situations thrown you into. You are allowed to take control of the situation and change your path in life. No one can stop you from becoming who you actually want to be. 


If you come from a poverty-stricken homelife, you can still go to college and become an engineer on the opposite side of the world. If your parents are doctors, you can still go to art school. If your entire life has been positioned around being the absolute best and everyone always considering you the “better,” you do not have to go to law or medical school. You can go to technical school, enroll in cosmetology school, major in english or art, or open a coffee shop. 


Do not let the path laid out for you become the only influence in your life. Look at your options, visit the career center, explore and discover your talents. Whatever you do, be the person that you want to be. Once you start living for yourself without regret and without fear of judgment from others, the entire game will forever change.