Intentional Giving This Season

The holiday season is one full of love, charity, and kindness. It never fails to bring out the absolute best in us. Lately I have been on the biggest giving kick, and many other companies are as well while gearing for the holidays. Local soda company, Ale 8 One, just came out with a new kindness campaign to customize packaged bottles for gifts. From rounding up on purchases to give back, or gifting little trinkets of love, there are so many ways to intentionally celebrate those around you. 


Some of my favorite ways to spread some joy to your friends or coworkers is buying in bulk for quick go-to gifts. Run by your local grocery store and pick up a 50 pack of clear plastic cups and lids, a 50 pack of medium size clear treat bags, a pack of straws,  a spool of ribbon or twine, and a case of La Croix, Ale 8 One or a holiday-themed drink such Cranberry Sprite or Cinnamon Coke. Grab your bag, place the clear lid first and then the cup in it with the can inside, and tie the top with ribbon while adding the straw for extra detail. You can grab some paper shred or confetti from the store or cut up your own from scrap paper for an extra fun twist. 


Photo by Taylon Baker

Another great go-to way to celebrate this season is by giving memories. I always start with a small basket or container from the dollar store, add some paper shred and finish it off with DIY supplies. One of my favorites are packs of hot cocoa, a couple of clear mugs, and a candy cane to tie onto the clear treat bag like we did previously with the straws. Another great one is a S'more kit by adding graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate and a S’Mores Heat Fuel Can. Those little cans are only about $5 each and are perfect for an indoor smores night! 


One of my last, favorite ways to intentionally give this season is super simple but is piping with love! Grab a pack of to-go coffee cups and lids from the dollar store and a pack of K-cups. I love to put paper shred in the cup with a K-cup inside and tie a ribbon around the outside with a cute gift tag. Something like, “Thanks a latte!” would be perfect. 


Giving back this season is incredibly fun and rewarding. How will you celebrate those around you?