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Indoor Activities for Unpleasant Weather

Fall and winter are upon us and, at least here in Kentucky, with fall and winter don’t always provide enjoyable outdoor weather. Practically the last week and a half have been non-stop precipitation here.


When the weather is warm and mild, on a college campus you will see people spending a large portion of their time outdoors. So, when the weather outside is frightful, what should you do to occupy your time?


  • Watch A Movie

Whether you go all out and go to the theater to watch a new blockbuster, or you make do with an unknown indie film on Netflix, curling up, eating some snacks and watching a movie is a great way to hide from bad weather indoors.


  • Go to the Gym

It’s hard enough sometimes to get out of bed when it is gloomy and unappealing outdoors but going to the gym can warm you up and release endorphins that will make you feel happier when the dreary weather is bumming you out.


  • Go to a Coffee Shop

While the trip to get to a coffee shop halfway defeats the purpose of avoiding the weather, the juxtaposition of being in a cozy café with a cup of hot coffee and ambient music playing while outside it is raining or snowing or freezing gives a sense of relaxation and warmth.


  • Do Chores and Homework

This may not sound as appealing as the rest of these suggestions, but when there is nothing else to do, at least make yourself do something productive. Having all the “essentials” done will leave more time for you to do other more enjoyable activities (such as watching a movie or getting a coffee!).


  • Hang Out with Friends (Indoors!)

Invite all your pals over to your dorm or apartment for a movie marathon, homemade spa, and late-night talks. Being around loved ones and creating memories together can create a warmth within that the frigid outdoors doesn’t stand a chance against.


The cold months are upon us, but there are many ways to still have fun despite the weather. Rain or shine these activities will boost your mood.

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