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I Tried Apple Cider Vinegar Pills for Five Days

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I was recently told at work about the benefits of apple cider vinegar. I told one of my coworkers that I had been feeling a lot better since cutting pop out of my diet and he suggested I try apple cider vinegar pills to enhance the feeling.


I looked further into it and saw it can help with basically anything. It is reported to helping with heartburn and acid reflux, acne, weight loss and fatigue, just to name a few. I typically do not try internet fads, but I thought, “Hey someone I know is doing it, so why not?” So, I hopped on to good ole’ Amazon.com and ordered me a big bottle for around eight dollars.


I just started taking them about five days ago and I have already noticed a difference. The bottle says to take two pills, three times a day (with food), but I have only been taking two pills once a day with food to ease myself into it.


I noticed within the first two days I was not feeling nearly as bloated as I had been (I have also been trying to cut out the fast food in my diet) and I had been feeling a little bit more alert during the day. Continuing over the next few days I noticed I was just feeling a lot better in general and not as “bleh” as I usually felt.


I actually wanted to go out and run my errands rather than lounge around all day. The main kicker for these pills is getting through the smell. Thankfully, they are capsules so there is not a taste to get through as well. I have been able to hold my nose and take them just fine and there is no after taste!


I hope that as I continue to take them and increase the amount I take in a day, that I will notice a larger difference in how I feel. I still feel some fatigue, and I have still had a couple of breakouts. However, it has only been five days, and I am a constantly sleepy person (I love my naps).


I love the possibilities of these little pills, and I really love the fact that they are natural. I knew my issues with fatigue, acne and acid reflux were not serious issues, so I was totally comfortable with trying the apple cider vinegar pills.  I hope they work for y’all, too!


DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor!! Some of these issues can be serious issues you should discuss with your doctor. If you know they are not serious, I would still discuss taking these pills with your physician.


You can purchase a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar pills here

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