How to Survive the Winter in Lexington

It’s that time of year again (unfortunately): winter in Lex. Where the temperature drops into the negatives, the winds are cold and brutal, and snow will appear any day now (let's pray for no blizzards this semester).

Last year, Lexington’s winter was horrible; thank goodness for our two snow days.

Read below for some helpful tips on how to survive the coming winter!


1. Stay away from the courtyard near POT. The wind is so vicious, you're most likely to fall over.

2. Bundle up on those days when the temperature is in the negatives; even though your class might not be that far away, you can get frostbite fast.

3. Girls, make sure your hair is completely dry before walking to class. Otherwise, your hair will freeze and become icy. Trust us.

4. DO NOT assume that you will have a snow day. It is extremely rare for UK, so make sure you finish all of your assignments for class.

5. Even though UK does salt the sidewalks, there is a good chance you could still slip. So, always watch where you step.

6. K Lot is horrible in the winter. Make sure you have AAA on speed dial, for those days your car is stuck under a sheet of ice.

7. Starbucks (like always) will be your best friend.


So, these are my seven steps to surviving the winter in Lexington.

May the odds be ever in your favor!


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