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How to Prepare for Your Virtual Job Interview

As graduation quickly approaches, many college students are going through the process of applying and interviewing for jobs in their fields. Virtual job interviews have become the new norm through the COVID-19 pandemic and are very different from the standard job interviews we are all used to. 


There are many things you have to consider before your virtual interview that you wouldn’t have to worry about in a traditional, in-person interview. 


In a traditional interview, you go into an office, do the interview, and then leave. You don’t have to make sure that your bed is made and your room is clean because nobody is going to see it. On Zoom on the other hand, the interviewer can see and hear your surroundings. Make sure that your background is clean – even if that means moving the pile of clothes from one corner of your room to another so it won’t be visible on Zoom. 


Make sure you are in a well-lit room, maybe facing a window to get some natural light if your interview is taking place during the day. Turn on your webcam and move around the room to find the best lighting option before your interview starts. 


If you live with family members or roommates I would definitely let them know that you’re going to be in an interview so they don’t come in and interrupt the interview (maybe even lock your door just in case they forget). 


Remember that the interviewer will also be able to hear your surroundings. Close your windows so that they can’t hear the construction happening across the street or anyone playing loud music outside. 


One plus of doing an interview via Zoom is that the interviewer can’t see your full outfit. Feel free to rock business on the top and sweatpants and slippers on the bottom to ensure full comfort while still appearing to be professional. 

Samantha is a junior studying Broadcast Journalism and Criminology at the University of Kentucky.
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