How to Not Prepare for Grad School

As graduation is coming up so is the reality of going into Grad school. It is terrifying and I should be spending my time preparing for it, however I have figured out some good ways to procrastinate all of it!


  • Clean your entire room.


I am talking a deep clean. I ended up with multiple boxes and trash bags going to Goodwill. I am continuously finding more things to do to my room rather than preparing for my interviews!


  • Binge watch all of Netflix


In this journey of not preparing, I have began tackling my long watch-list on Netflix! It is not the most productive thing, but it does keep me feeling like I am accomplishing something important - while also not worrying about Grad school!


  • Spend all of your money on literally whatever


I already am horrible with money and saving, so binge shopping is not new for me. It has been super therapeutic for me in this stressful time! Also, there is not much that a new pair of shoes can fix!


As I am approaching graduation and my Grad school days are right behind it, I have felt super overwhelmed about it all. These three steps, as silly as they are, have helped me keep my nerves at bay until I really need to be stressed!