How It Feels to Have a Birthday in December as Told by The Grinch

Now that it’s officially Christmas time, every aspect of life is going to be filled with snow and Santa Claus. The bombardment of reindeer and gingerbread men leaves those of us with December birthdays often overlooked. As for myself, having a December birthday has never been that bad, but I know I have been a Grinch about it a few times, so who better to describe how it feels to have a December birthday than the Grinch himself:


  • When no one remembers the actual date of your birthday just how many days away from Christmas that it is


  • When someone actually remembers the date for once


  • When most of your friends already have plans for Christmas celebrations on your birthday so you have to turn to your alternative schedule


  • When the snow cancels the birthday plans that you worked so hard to schedule


  • When someone suggests a seasonal dessert like pumpkin pie rather than an actual birthday cake


  • When your birthday presents also count towards your Christmas presents


  • Instead of hearing “Happy Birthday”, you’re used to hearing...


  • But if you’re anything like me, you’re still a huge fan of Christmas


Overall, those of us with December birthdays may feel like the Grinch sometimes with the ever-looming presence of the holidays hanging over our head, but many of us are still Christmas fans at heart. While I love to celebrate my birthday just like everyone else, I also love celebrating the holidays with my family. Christmas is a great time of year where all of my family gets to spend a few quality days together before the hectic spring semester starts. I’m lucky enough to get to spend my birthday at home, which is something many don’t get the pleasure of doing.


Although I may be grinchy about it at times, I am truly blessed to have my birthday right in the middle of the time where joy and happiness are being spread all around.