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How I Finally Got Rid of My ‘Maskne’

As we have been in this pandemic for almost a year, where everything has been continually changing, the only thing that had not changed for me is my struggle with maskne. Last summer, when the pandemic first began I was mainly at home, so my maskne was not that bad, but this past fall, when I returned to campus and began working 20+ hours a week, wearing the blue paper masks, and my skin was completely broken out and super sensitive. I have had breakouts before, but this one was utterly unmanageable. I follow @LaBeautyologist on Twitter and one of her suggestions was wearing acne patches under your mask while you are wearing it for long periods. The Mighty Patch Duo from Hero Cosmetics was the brand she suggested. The Duo are two patches, an invisible one you can wear during the day, and another patch that can be worn overnight. These patches are amazing because they attack the pimple in its early stages so it doesn’t leave an acne scar after. The second thing that helped was Faded by MyTopicals. It’s a brightening and clearing gel, and it has helped with all the acne scars that I have gotten because of my maskne. My skin is sensitive so I only use it nightly, every other night. In addition to incorporating these two things into my skin routine, I also started wearing cloth masks which helped with the irritation on my skin. I am not a dermatologist, so there is no guarantee that this may work for you, but I want to share what worked for me!

Hi everyone! I'm Nia, a junior Communications major with a Journalism minor. I enjoy sports, skincare, and food. You will most likely see me working at one of the many sporting events at UK. I enjoy writing and I look forward to writing about a multitude of topics!
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