How to Help Your Acne Prone Skin

During middle school, as I am sure a lot of you readers can remember back to these days, my acne was something I struggled with. Although the hassle of bad acne during our early teen years is not uncommon, I noticed just how bad it had gotten after summer camp one year.


I was determined to get my face back on track again so I went to the dermatologist. My doctor told me that I should start using non-comedogenic makeup, a cosmetic that is specially formulated to not block the tiny pores on our faces. When the body produces excess sebum, it often combines with dead skin cells and even bacteria to fill the pore, thus making teenagers break out more! Since acne is caused by the clogging up of pores, my only question is: How come everybody does not use non-comedogenic makeup?


Here is my favorite non comedogenic makeup product:


41 shades



After I started using this clay foundation from Tarte, I noticed an impressive improvement in my acne and my skin started feeling much smoother in general. This foundation is clay-based too, so it blends beautifully and stays on your skin much longer than other makeup products!


My doctor also informed me that a face cleanser with salicylic acid would be best for me to use since it would unclog my pores without adding any more oil. A few other ingredients that unclog pores are benzoyl peroxide or sulfur. Some of these ingredients can dry out the skin so a moisturizer must be paired with it. The cleanser I found has been a lifesaver for me and it leaves my face feeling fresh and clean! I have to be careful not to use too much so it does not completely dry out my skin.


Here is my facial cleanser of choice:


$4.99 at Target


These ingredients are not for everyone, though! Be careful on what you chose to wash your face with and definitely consult your dermatologist first if you are unsure. It is crucial to pick out a cleanser that works best for your individual needs and stick with it! Results might not appear until the face cleanser has been used for a week or two so be consistent.


I hope you all enjoyed this article and can consider these products, types of products or ingredients for your own skin routine!