How To Get In The Holiday Spirit

Once my sister and I got into our teens the magic of the holidays seemed to dwindle around our home. No mistake, we enjoyed the holidays and spending time with our family, it just was not as “magical” as it is when you still believe in Santa Claus and his elves.


In an attempt to get into a more holiday-ish spirit I have found a few things that have helped.


  • Holiday drinks!

One of my favorite places to visit, in general, is Starbucks! Ordering their fun and tasty holiday drinks is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Their toasted white chocolate mocha is a definite favorite!


  • Taking in the Christmas lights

I have always enjoyed driving around and looking at the Christmas lights as a kid. Doing this as an adult can be pretty nostalgic and seems to make everything seem a little bit “magical.” Locally, we have The Southern Lights that does a yearly Christmas lights show. It is really fun to go to if you have an opportunity! A great alternative is to drive around local neighborhoods and see what they have set up!


  • Listen to some Christmas music

Christmas music can be a hit or miss. I know some people that cannot stand to listen to it unless it is Christmas day. However playing some while driving to work or while you are cleaning your house can be a fun way to get into the holiday spirit!


These are just a few of my attempts to get into the holiday spirit this year. I hope they are able to help some of you out!