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Whether you and your S.O. have been together for a few days or a few years, we all want to make Valentine’s Day special for him or her. However, the college student budget can get in the way of doing what we want. Yet with a little creativity, anyone can make this V-Day memorable.


  • Gifts

When you think of Valentine’s Day you may think of giant stuffed animals and chocolates and flowers. Buying all of this can quickly get expensive. Besides, the gifts rarely last very long. I mean, do you really want a seven-foot teddy bear in your one-bedroom apartment?


Instead, consider getting more meaningful gifts.  Check out the discount books and records at Half Price Books.  Maybe bake her a batch of her favorite cookies. Maybe learn how to knit him a scarf. These gifts are not only more affordable but also more meaningful.


  • Date Ideas

Is anyone else getting really bored with the generic movie and dinner date? Instead, buy a board game and play it inside a blanket fort. Make dinner together. Put on some music and dance. Maybe take turns reading aloud that book you picked up for $4.  


Valentine’s Day can be excited but also stressful when you’re in college and want to give your S.O. the best.  With these creative ideas, your night is sure to be a success.

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